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10 Guides To Simple Courtesy 

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I’ve been thinking of what to post this couple of days and i figured I have so so many unfinished posts drafted. Till  I found this. So today’s about courtesy!!!


​I got up from bed (actually, still on bed) quite early today rather than the past 4 days when I wake up by 8 and check through my social media accounts and especially my whatsapp. The tons of messages I get on a daily ehn… (talk for another day). So out of the numerous messages my aunties, uncles, far away daddies and mummies that have chosen not to be left behind in this digital age, send all in the name of  Bc’s. I’m posting this one I feel is really important.


  1.  In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you’re unable to call back.
  2.  Pay back borrowed money as soon as possible no matter how little the amount is. Don’t assume that they don’t need it, and never make them ask you for it.
  3.  Turn the volume down when you’re watching video, playing music or playing a game on your phone in a public place or, better yet, use headphones.
  4.  Don’t press your phone or use headphones when someone is having a conversation with you. Unplug the headsets from your ears even if nothing is playing and give them your undivided attention.
  5.  When using someone else’s phone or computer, don’t go through their stuff without permission.
  6. Always leave the last piece of meat for the person who bought it unless they insist they won’t eat it.
  7.  Don’t use loudspeaker of the phone to have a two person conversation unless you are unable to hold the phone.
  8.  When someone else cooks for you, offer to help clean the kitchen.
  9.  If you stay the night at someone’s house, make the bed or fold the blankets when you leave.
  10.  Don’t let your arguments escalate in public. Find some place else to continue arguing where others won’t feel uncomfortable or interested…


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