10 Memes Every Pervert Can Relate To

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This pictures will sure be relatable to us all, but as Nigerian s in our self-righteousness, will first despise this post and might not want to click on it. But the temptation on this one is STRONG!!!

1. If You know you’re guilty of this. “Wink”

Pervert, Sex

2. Finally! Some Good news in this govt.

Pervert, sex

3. Booty is on the menu 

Pervert, sex

4. We are in 2017, but nigga is definitely from 5017

Pervert, sex

5. For the GENIUS Perverts

Pervert, sex

6. Confusion at its peak

7. Greetings to the Vaseline Crew

pervert, sex

8. If you know, You know

This time for Africa

9. Dirty Minds Alert!!!

10. Africans! Awuuu

Before you judge me for creating this post, kindly do me a favor by asking yourself this question… Wetin carry me click am… Just look at you right now, guilty conscience. lol.

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