10 Most Weirdest And Hilarious Hobbies Ever

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So, my best dawg and I got in a convo with a group of other friends as per old time catch up. We talked about a lot of things, and even filling out hobbies section as part of your CV… Hence this post, so I Curated a list of the most hilarious hobbies I could find.

1. I’m a very sensual person (I like SEX) .

broke guys

2.  Arguing with people online

3. Entering food-eating competitions

4. Donating blood – 12 litres so far. As per father Christmas

Lagos BRT

5. Eating (at least I’m honest). As a eat till Jesus Comes

 6. Tying Knots…


7. Attending Weddings Every Saturday #JollofSaturday

8. Going To Night Figin *In Falz Voice*



9. Praying and Fasting. On a Daddy G.O levels


10. Rearing Cats…  I have 14 so far

taylor swift with loads and loads of cats


Have any weird hobby you’d like to share? feel free to drop it in the comment box below and find your twin…

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