14 Days Into My First Job! 

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Yeah, you heard that right! Urbanoversabi was able to land a job as a content developer which happens to be my first, so I’m getting the perks *grins*. It’s in a new gas firm, which is doing well actually, so you know where most of my energy and time has been channeled to lately and to talk about how I missed this place “oh gawd” Oh, how much I’ve missed being here! 
It’s not been easy really, as it being my first ever official job, and in a really really different sector entirely it’s been brain_tasking, you know, having to brainstorm on articles and keeping abreast with latest info(s) et all.  But hey! I’ve been learning ever since, it has widened my horizon so far, you know, learning something really different and of interest in a way, is exciting, which I really am. 

It’s located here in this hustling and bustling city – Lagos, around Fadeyi axis, which is somewhat a distance from where I stay, considering Lagos infamous traffic :'( but guess what guys? I’m gonna be sharing updates about Lagos Life.  You like that don’t you ;)?… So, just keep visiting and It’s gonna worth it, trust me… It’s basically gonna be as the title entails… 

Peace out ✌. 


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