14 Struggles Every Guy In His 20s Can Relate To

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The struggle between everybody wanting you to be an adult, and you just wanting to be a baby boy.

There is no pressure like the pressure of the 20s. Society expects you to have a plan, but guess who is still struggling to figure life out? You. Some call it the quarterly life crisis and they aren’t wrong.

These are some struggles Nigerian men in their twenties can relate with.

1. You’re fresh out the University and all job openings are saying minimum of 2.1 and 5 years working experience.

Does running errands and being your parents’ remote control count? Epp me sah.

2. You are almost always broke because you’re either unemployed or have too many bills to pay.

Money slow to enter, money quick to go.

3. Your friends start getting married but the memories of ‘Police and thief are still fresh in your head.


It was only yesterday you and I were playing with sand.

4. And your family be looking at you like.

Will I marry myself?

5. When people see you and ask “how is work?” because they expect you to be employed.


Work has traveled.

6. You can’t seem to get your shit together but everyone else on the Internet seems to be having a great life.

Please don’t judge me.

7. That moment you realize there’s a lot of chaff you have to take out of your circle of friends.

This niggas can’t hold me back.

8. And then you start to feel like you might just be the chaff of your circle.

Wait a minute.

9. When you see an old friend and he asks ”how far?” to know what you’ve been up to. You respond “I dey” but he goes “How paroles?”

“Oga oya come and be going”

10. All the girls you like don’t like you back because you “don’t have prospects.”

Or to put it more correctly, you’re broke.

11. You start wondering why your own story is different since your parents always talked about how their time was awesome.

“When I was your age, I was older than my mates.”

12. You avoid everyone because you start feeling like a burden in your father’s house.

Now you see me. Now you don’t.

13. When you start to realize that all your dreams are beginning to fly by slowly and surely and painfully.

*sings* This life, issssss beautiful.

14. But then it hits you that the only way to go is forward, so you keep pushing.



  1. Chai! The struggle is real ooo, and social media doesn’t help things!
    Hopefully one day you’ll look back and smile when thinking of these struggle moments

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