20 Ways To Know a Husband Material

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I found this post on twitter and thought aha! A post for the ladies *grins*. I’ve had conversations when the argument more often than not, revolves around a guy being  a husband material.

So, ladies here are the convictions you need to know if he’s a husband material or not. Although, some folks “f**kboys” most especially, have mastered these acts and play them so well, you think they are genuine.

So, I know this is the second So, at the beginning of a paragraph but IDC. , So, grab your popcorn and coke and hold on to your butts!

Get your popcorn and coke ready


It’s amazing to be in love and even more amazing to be in love with someone who loves you back.

In a relationship with such guy, you’ll feel all the great things people feel when they are in a happy place. You’ll glow, you’ll shine, your happiness will be obvious and you’ll experience a soothing peace of mind.

Loving such guy becomes just so easy and second nature to you and you won’t have any problem referring to him as the one… your ideal man… your Mr. perfect…

According to relationship expert, Kirsten Coley, when you find such guy just know you have found the perfect husband material.

 The American expert lists some other traits you’ll see in him that’ll further convince you of his perfection…

1. He opens every door you walk through.

2. He holds your hand shamelessly and will kiss you in public.

3. He wants to bring you home to his parents.

4. His friends already know about you before you meet them.

5. He’ll drop whatever to be wherever you need him.

6. He says, “text me when you’re home safe,” and stays up until he knows you are.

7. He’s the guy you’d proudly introduce to your father.

8. He doesn’t try and change you.

9. He doesn’t have time for games and is always honest with you…

Husband material

10. He pulls you close in public and kisses your forehead.

11. He makes you feel more beautiful just standing beside him.

12. He prays for you and prays with you

13. He sends meals, flowers and gifts to your office, just because.

14. He stays true to his word and keeps his promises.

15. He motivates you and cheers you unto greatness

16. He’s sure of you and never makes you doubt how he feels.

17. He is never tired of saying how much he loves you.

18. He apologizes when he’s wrong. And does it right.

19. He makes you aspire to be a better woman.

20. He is the only guy you ever felt you couldn’t live without.

Source: Pulse.ng

P.S: You are permitted to doubt some.

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