2016 In Summary To Nigerians ?

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    The year 2016 has really been full of experiences, to Nigerians as a whole, with memorable moments ranging from politics to socio-economic developments etcetera etcetera. Here’s a a top ten of the happenings that will be in our memories for a very long time.😎

  • When the price of a bag rice hiked to 24 thousand Naira  plus 

  • When Naira drops 50% and appreciates 1.8%

  • When we waited for 2016 budget to be submitted to NASS

  • When it was finally submitted, and Nigerians went haywire 😕

  • And budget allegations surfaced and  one that said he’s a senator, said budget padding is not a crime 

  • When FG decided to import grass. What happened to the ones in sambisa 

  • And at last the final 2016 budget was passed 

  • And one NCC now decided to show themselves in the reality show, with data hike. But we dinor gree 😌 

        • One Uncle that say he’s a minister, is now saying they want to protect the small players in the industry 

          • Our foreign people, now ask how was 2016  and Nigerians be like… 

          • Then we start wondering, how come 2016 was like this… 😂 

          But, hey! We’re Nigerians right? Init? We are always Super Optimistic, so… Happy New Year everyone!. 

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