4 Major Lessons From “KeepTheChangeBae” 

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​From the KeepTheChangeBae saga and brouhaha there are some major lessons I feel I should share on here. These are lessons I always make sure I pass across. 

Sufficiently caught up? Hopefully…
Now I believe that with every situation regardless how trivial, there are always lessons to learn. So here are five lessons I picked from the #KeepTheChangeBae story.
1. Do not be entitled: And this applies to both male and female folk! For the guys though, that a lady goes out on a date with you and you spend a miserly (we’re not even joking) N3,800 on a movie you both watched and snacks you both ate does not mean you own her. No, live in the moment. It’s just N3,800 and guess what? Even if you spent more and treated her to a proper date, she still has the right to turn you down and you need to respect that.

2. Dates don’t have to be expensive: It might be worth it for dudes to learn from this story to stick to what their pockets/bank accounts can allow. We’re assuming Ayodeji (the Twitter dude) was so upset because he had spent a substantial part of his savings/earnings on this date that turned out futile. Well, everyone understands the economic situation at the moment so maybe try having less expensive fun. But we also understand that this is only possible if the other person is understanding, so another option will be to stay at home and restrict the friendship to Whatsapp until you can afford a decent date. A word is what? Enough for the wise.

3.  Always have your own money: Listen up, ladies! The only way you’ll pull off the perfect clapback like Ayodeji’s date Ore did is to have your own money. And we couldn’t have said it better than this dude right here:
4. Twitter is the only place boys like Ayodeji thrive: It’s where real life cowards form boss so we’re not surprised he went on that rant and even got to the point of calling his date “hungry”, “broke” and “asshole”. How? Everything on Twitter will frustrate you, really.

5. Nigerian coys are not dulling these days: Have you seen how the trend has been turned into a marketing/advertising campaign? Wema Bank was the first to jump on it and it was so smart of them, payment platforms: Quickteller, Interswitch and Verve have had fun clapping back at each other, Yudala, The Nail Boutique etc. We find this very instructive actually, companies have gone social and more in tune with customer needs, language and all the other things. It’s a good thing… 


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s essential for a lady to have her own cash on a date. I once had a similar experience, dude bought just ordinary 2h suya and one small bottle of coke N80 and was expecting me to marry him like he just paid my bride price. I dropped 5h on the table and walked out.

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