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The Introduction

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Hey Guys,

As the title says “The Introduction”; this is my first ever post on this blog, since I moved from my Urbanoversabi.wordpress.com, online diary, and it’s noteworthy I introduce myself, now that I’m on a larger scale. lol

I’m a student, in one of Nigeria’s universities, and this is gonna be like my diary sort of; only its online, hence Online Diary. (could it pass for a diary tho? hmmm).

I know, you might be thinking; “UrbanOversabi” what a wonderful moniker, but hey, most of my friends, don’t even know, I own a blog, not to talk of knowing me as UrbanOversabi. Giving me the perks of blogging anonymously *grins*.

One of the few talents I have is; I talk a lot ? (is that even a talent sef), like I’ve been forgiven, times without number, even when my name has x10 written in front of it, on Noise makers list, and also holding a record of highest noise maker in my class, back in high school, with a record of being the only person on the list for 2 whole periods STRAIGHT!!! lmao

Anyways, as long as, I breathe in Oxygen, I’ll keep posting, ranging from Relationships, School-Life, My Notes, Featured stories and Life generally…

Please guys, I won’t be able to do this without You, yes You, don’t look back!!!, I’m indulging you, to share my posts on whatsoever, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus…  Anyone you feel like, so your friends can read them and also, making me feel your presence as my audience, by using the like button and comment box which are pretty easy to use, so I know it’s not a traditional diary (for my eyes only lol). I can’t do this without you guys as a backbone and I promise, I won’t let you down. Amen.

So, why don’t you bookmark this blog, and Let’s ride…

Till my next post…

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