Romantic men in Nigeria

8 Types Of Men You Are Likely To Meet In Nigeria 

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I made a post sometime last month just last week o about Types Of Ladies You’re Likely To Meet In Nigeria, and I got some counter response stating I should do one on the guys too. This is in response to the females that asked. So I made this list of 8 types of men you’re likely to meet in Nigeria.                                                                                                Is that ok? Can I get an Aye Aye captain? Lmao 😂 😂 😂.

Starting off with Types of men in Nigeria is…

1. The Mr.Romantic:

He is a classic definition of romance. He brings flowers and chocolate. He likes to organize dinners with candles. He calls as often as possible and shows in different ways that he cares for her. Why does it work? Because all the women love to be appreciated and to be cared for. She is also free to bring to life her own romantic ideas.

Romantic men in Nigeria

2. Confident:

A confident guy is secure and safe. He spreads aura of power, control and safety. He is irresistible: he is not afraid of the male friends or co-workers of his girlfriend. The reason: if you are sure that you are awesome, she will probably think the same.

Confident men in Nigeria

3. Creative Artistic Guy:

lives at the moment. He uses some of his creativity to get her attention. He will write a song for his girl, or will write a poem. This kind of things make women feel unique and special.

Artistic men in Nigeria

4. Foreigner:

He is something like exotic. He might have lighter skin that men in Nigeria or just a cute accent. But his main weapon is charisma and the mystic of the other culture. Women like to date someone who differs from others.

Foreign Men In Nigeria

5. Bad boy: 

He is a free spirit guy. He can ride motorbike or to steal some flowers for you from somebody’s flowerbed. He does not worry about the consequences really much. Women adore this kind of boo because they believe they can tame him.

Men In Nigeria

6. Smart:

He has a clever sense of humor and he knows how to make his girl laugh. All the conversations with him are intellectual and interesting. He can speak for hours, but it never gets boring.

Men In Nigeria

7. Well-mannered:

This guy knows when he should open the door and that he should pay for a dinner. He knows which glass you need to serve a red wine. He always pick his woman at her door. There is such time in the life of every woman, when she is ready for a cute nice guy. Don’t take any of these character types to the extreme or try to be someone you’re not — it will be obvious. Try to mix them up and see which of these traits and gestures you are most comfortable with.

Men In Nigeria

8. The Guy-Man:

This uncle ehn, is only concerned about how to wear fine clothes, join beard gang if he hasn’t, use fresh cologne, joining social sites just to woo ladies up and down without magnitude or direction. He’s the baba for the girls. He never gets old.

Men In Nigeria

9. The Fuckboys:

This category of guys have an eternal bout with the Single Girls Association Of Nigeria, with Naijasinglegirl being their oga at the top. This one’s are only for the count; if you know what I mean ;). They are never serious in any relationship, in fact natural cheats with numerous side-chicks at their beck and call… Theyu are the types to break up with you via text. I can’t talk more about it like NSG did.

Men In Nigeria

I hope this has made up for the the other post about the ladies lol. Before my ear gets bitten off. 😁.


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