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9 Of The Most WTF Sentences Nigerian Men Use To Initiate Sex

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1. “Would you like to ti ghenghen?”

Y’all can thank May-D for this one.

2. “Can I pound your yam?”


3. “I want to eat you with rice.”

4. “Can I trim your hedges?”

5. “I want to charge your phone.”

6. “I wan chop your Kpomo.”




7. THIS!


WHAT. THE. F$#%%#%K?!!!! LMAO!

8. “I want to taste you.”

9. “I want to do you.”

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    1. For a minute I wanted to delete this comment but if I remember vividly, I’d promised myself never to upload a post I didn’t write, without giving credit to the original poster.

      OF WHICH I MADE UNDER THis POST AS “SOURCE: Zikoko” with a link in it.

      So why delete your comment?

      Hell No! Let me leave it for the whole world to see that it’s not good for people to steal posts without giving credit… Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to reading your honest comments.


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