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A Heart Of Gratitude 

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It’s of general knowledge that a grateful heart receives more. A heart of gratitude is something I believe we all should have, no matter the circumstance, economy or finance (even though 80% difficult).

Here’s a quick view into why I writing this right now, because apparently I’m in church and the Pastor is you know… Preaching!


It’s testimony time, and there is usually a large number of *testifiers* as its the First Sunday (you know naija na). All the women are dressed in native attires with geles tied at almost the same height as they themselves. Even the men are not left out. But as for me? I just kukuma rocked my white shirt, ripped faded denim with my sandal. (actually I don’t have a native attire yet).

Back to the topic;

It’s testimony time, and a large number of people were out to give their testimony of how God had been good to them in several ways, some with; brand new cha-cha cars, some with a husband/wife, some with admission in to the university and so on, but a particular guy caught my attention and he’s the major inspiration for this post.

He stepped forward, went down on his knees, and began to give appreciation for the very little things he had, the very little things most wouldn’t count worthy of a testimony. He began pointing out the very little things around the church and also gave appreciation for those that testified. To me this is the much more than selflessness.

Now that’s a true and genuine heart of gratitude. If you can find extreme joy from little things that we feel doesn’t matter, or even be joyous for your fellow human, now I don’t mean empty “joy” but genuine Joy, then you possess a true Heart of Gratitude.

I’ve learned something from coming to church today and I hope you learned something too by reading this post.

Feel free to leave a comment below, if you did.

Let me quickly pocket my phone, this one that the usher is eyeing me like this. lol. 

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