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A Mad Woman Almost Chased Me Yesterday

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So, a scenario happened yesterday that would have been the most embarrassing thing ever happened to me this year, if not for God.

Thank you Lord ?

I was taking a short stroll back home from my God-mother’s office yesterday since I didn’t want to get home so quick.

Walking by the side of the road, I noticed a mad young lady under the trees by the side of the road I was walking. Safety drill na – I tried moving far from the side even though I was so close the “far” couldn’t be far enough. I didn’t know but, as I took note of her being there….

Our eyes jam… Chill lemme breathe…

All the masculinity in me dropped to cowardice immediately, in fact I felt like a sissy – no disrespect. But you catch my drift?

I walked fast to the side of the lawma truck parked by the side of the road, exposing me to oncoming vehicles. Trust me I was getting prepared to run the run of my life not minding my jeans were tight. I nor care one bit.

Somehow I looked back to know wassup, my people, this was how she looked at me ?

Mad woman

I didn’t know if to start running or keep my cool because of folks around. The third time I looked she was winking…


Mad woman

I crossed the road with immediate alacrity.

I can’t coman chop slap from a mad woman. I don’t have the strength and liver like this girl that slapped a mad man back… Hell No!

Me that will just start crying ?. But Godforbid! Thank God nothing happened ?. In fact this is my testimony in church tomorrow.

Happy Weekend guys!


  1. Oh my God !!!!!!?????
    I saw the title and I burst out laughing ??????
    The GIFs are PERFECT! I’m imagining the whole scenario in my head and my mouth just keeps curving.
    You are a good story teller man! I’m low-key wishing she chased you. Would make for more laughs ?????

    Happy Weekend to you too! (Almost over though ?)

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