A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend With Hidden Message Through Love Letters

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This lovely couple have got themselves trending online after the man did the “unbelievable” to show how romantic he is. 

Man Proposes using love letters

According to the owner of the twitter account that reported this, she said, a week after he began dating his girlfriend Candice who is now his wife, he started writing love letters to her…  That’s on some Old skool mixed with New wave level lol 😁 

Tim wrote Candice 14 letters over the course of three years, but she had no idea they contained a secret message – the first letters of each love note spelled out β€œWill you marry me.”

Will you marry me

Despite Tim’s love of grand, romantic gestures, he and Candice started off as friends and now they are ‘happily‘ married. 
Isn’t that some badass move? In fact they should be #Relationshipgoals.


  1. Awwwwwwn…. So romantic. When my best friend asked me out, he faked a hospital emergency case, to make sure I wouldn’t say no. Later on, he started telling people I was the one who kept begging and begging him and he agreed out of pity. Naija guys sha, may heaven help all of you.

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