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A Post About Ramblings

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Like the twinkle of an eye, its the fourth month of the year already, it’s not a time for doing random stuff or ramblings  about nothings. Like Mummy would always say “whether you like it or not, time won’t say, ahhh lemme wait for Tola, Shalewa or one Chinedu somewhere”.
As funny as that might sound, that’s the reality of life. It waits for no damn fellow which I made a post about sometime ago. You can read up on it here

Although my siblings and I usually burst in to heavy laughter whenever she says that because, she doesn’t know how to pronounce the name “Shalewa” without making it sound like a prostitute’s name and she can’t make the saying, without mentioning poor Shalewa lol. It’s her programmed example for years. 

Actually I just found out I’ve lost course of this writing, I’ve so talked about mum and her Shalewa, I don’t even think this post will still be about what I intend it to be in the beginning. Call it, flowing with the spirit. lol.

Funny thing is, I’ve so lost course now I don’t even know a title to give this post now, because this is typically ramblings, ramblings and more of ramblings, hopefully a title is gonna spring up. I pray o… Oya o title come by fire ooo lol!!!

I’m gonna make the initial post I intended and sure, I’m gonna post it today, why tf not? But later tho. As of now… let me just keep enjoying my fun filled morning; Rambling. At least, its not like I’m gonna go to hell for it neither am I gonna be prosecuted for it. lol 

YES!!! I just got a title for this… guess what it is? please don’t quiz “what?” I said guess… A Post about Ramblings!!! 


its wack right? just leave it like that… lol

Tongue out dancing

Yea, that’s it guys, I’m not sure if its proper to ask if you enjoyed a blog post about Ramblings. But I hope you did tho. Oya hit the comment box and let me know… 

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