Yam, akara and fried dodo

A Thread For The Food Lovers (1)

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Aye Aye Aye!!! *in Davido’s voice* if you follow Davido on Snap chat you know he screams that for excitement!… If you are a lover of food, I mean real lover, as in, you can stop crying or stop wailing about the economy, if you are given food then, this is the perfect thread for you.

This is a food thread as a matter of fact, I’m beginning to think all this chefs and food bloggers have signed a pact with the devil, to tempt and lure people into having long throat and eating in dreams because with the way their foods are enticing fa, you just can deal. they can make suya look like Manna from heaven. 

  • I don’t think Esau is to be blamed when Jacob gave him that porridge. You check it out, what if it were you *winks*
    yam porridge
  • You see this Suya ehn… For me, I think its greater than the President of Nigeria – no offense, just saying…
  • This chefs have finally made Mama Nkechi’s Fried yam, Akara and Dodo develop inferiority Complex.
yam and plantain
yam, akara and plantain
  • Dear Reader, I can snitch for these. Please don’t tell me your darkest secrets…
Chicken and chips
chicken peri peri and chips with tha sauce
  • “Apparently the spaghetti you cooked yesterday doesn’t have a B.sc but SSCE” said this Spaghetti.
I had to use my dictionary before I could spell Spaghetti.

Closing Note:

Please please and please, I use God and beg you, if you’re in a kind of wahala tin and they try to bribe me with any of this delicacies above I’m sorry, don’t judge me, please try and be considerate. eez like I wee choose to be bribed, call me a snitch but these food cannor come and waste. I think, I need to start getting in touch with my friends to know those that have become chefs or better still become friend with one, so I can enjoy all the exclusive tasting.

All pictures were curated from Instagram.


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