A Time To Be “Selfish”

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There’s nothing wrong in being selfish for a while. In this relationship between you and life, you are the only one that matters, yes you. Just you.

There’s nothing bad in putting yourself first. There’s nothing wrong in fighting for your personal interests first. There’s so nothing wrong in caring about you before the other person, who you might not be sure to value your selfless “care”. There’s nothing wrong in being selfish I now realize.

Being too selfless has its disadvantages and trust me when I say that. Yes, you have to care for the people around you quite alright. But have you tried or pictured a scenario whereby your friend, partner or brother has to make a pick over you or something? Imagine what it would turn out to be? Or maybe that scenario is too serious I don’t know. But you dig point? You catch my my drift right?

You’d be surprised at how far you’d go in a short time or how much you’d accomplish with no rock or burden of the other person tied around your neck to care for. Mind you, I don’t mean this financially…
Maybe you need some alone time in your race for sometime. But guess what?…
When you start to become “selfish”  they begin to question your “selfish”  with masked questions like “what’s wrong with you?”  “You are too selfish” “You don’t look out for me no more” “You care only about yourself”

But Hello!, I just started admiring your unspoken selfishness also, so I became a reflection of it. Don’t blame me. Why do you care so suddenly…

Or maybe I was taught, to care much more like my momma, because that’s what I know only Mommas do.

Maybe it’s a time to be selfish, no offense. So I’d like to end on a good note of this little quote I found online .
There’s YOU and YOU

This is a Relationship

This is the most important Relationship


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