About Urbanoversabi:

Urbanoversabi; is basically a lifestyle blogger, Content Creator/developer, and Brand storyteller and Social Media Influencer.  A Nigerian, a Student, and an unapologetic oversabi.

This blog, is my Online Diary (actually my friends aren’t aware I own it) and its about my Notes, School LifeRelationshipsReal Life experiences and My funny encounters as a Lagosian and Nigerian and hopefully when I travel out too ?.

Kindly bookmark this blog, let’s all have a good time as you get to have a peek into my “diary”.

And lest I forget, to get Featured on this blog and anything whatsoever, be it a private chat, contributions, criticism, or a listening ear? C’mon feel free, I’m open to it. We all need each other, abi … Also for, suggestions and criticisms, it’s all welcome, but don’t be rude please, cos I’m soft hearted (I can cry river Niger) lol.

You got a Job for me? 

For Content Creation, Collaborations/partnerships, Brand Storytelling, Adverts and Social Media Influencing?

Please be free to hook me up with anything that will help my career please ? Biko, Edakun…

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