After a long break

After A Long Break!

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I don’t want to start this post with my what might now seem like a cliché apology, but in truth I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write anything after taking a long break of about 2 weeks now. woah!…  I am so not proud of myself for that. I haven’t visited my diary not to talk about posting.

School’s been so crazy lately, If I start to talk ehn, it will be a total waste of time. Because as of now, I don’t have a healthy eating or sleeping pattern no more. My exams are fast approaching, so TDBs have been the order of the month.

Taking a long break

I feel sorry for my WordPress app too whenever I unlock my phone to quickly Google search or turn on my music player before heading out to school. I think I need to buy a big broom, because the cobweb this app has gathered ehn! It’s enough to start appearing on my screen. Lol.

I have been having my tests and it’s been hectic so far. There are days when I get to do 3 tests in 3 days consecutively. Lera lera (in yoruba) or even 2-3 in one day, like I did yesterday. If you had asked me the “how was your test?” question, you were sure to get “it was testful” as an answer. Lol who says that.
Yesterday being Saturday,  I thank God yesterday’s test was canceled, so I was able to sleep very well. Now my eyes are big ehn. I have a couple of posts right now in my head that I’m trying to find how to put them in order in this very short time.

Trying to figure out after taking a long break

Plus, my friends haven’t posted stuffs for some time now too. Sighs… Mitchy, Nina,  Where are y’all?

Public Service Announcement! 

Monday has been declared public holiday nationwide to celebrate the birthday of UrbanOversabi!!! 😄😄😄.

Can I get a *Yaaaaaayyyyy* from you? good… So I’m gonna be doing a post on my birthday,  so look forward to it. And hey!

Happy Ramadan Kareem/ Happy Democracy Day (In advance)

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