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All The Rants About This Week

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I’m not going to pretend like nothing went wrong by just uploading posts with reckless abandon and expecting everyone to be reading and commenting without doing the needful.

This week has been hella stressful, chaotic and every adjective there is to use to describe how wahalaful it’s been.

First off, was the light issue in the house, the pole fell off since Sunday and we’ve tried getting electricians to get it fixed. After calling and calling they’ll now show face then disappear into thin air after hearing price…

I called an electrician and he was mentioning amount that has plenty “K”, does he think it’s Banana Island pole he wants to fix ni?

I’ve been walking up and down like a homeless fellow with extension and chargers. Mtcheew…

School’s calling now, I have to start preparing for my Teaching Practice. Chill though, I’m trying to imagine the whole teaching thing…


Pupil: Uncle Urbanoversabi! Ade said he will write jagajaga on my book.

Uncle Urbanoversabi: My friend carry your afari kolondo head from here


The light issue has been fixed though, but the Lord has provided me with an alternative. My Neighbor. She’s been a darling since today. (don’t really relate with neighbors).

So yes, to the glory of the Lord and to shame the devil, I’m back to posting.


Now Playing: Star One ft Seyi Shay & Maleek Berry – I’m Okay (Irony)

P.S: I don’t care about any mistake in this post. I’m vexing

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