All Things Work Together For Good 

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We all must have heard this refrain countless times. “All things work together for good” but having a clear experience is something else in its entirety. 

There are times when we can’t seem to figure things out, situations are foggy, no clear directions and you’re just there helpless, waiting, lurking around and patiently waiting till it gets clearer or at least you can see the path clearly to take the next step. After my “Ramblings at 3am“, things got a little more chaotic, so unexplainable. 

Now, everything is over, I can now look back and fully understand what was happening all around me the whole time. Every action was taken not because I was aware, but let’s say it was ordained. Now the growth I long seek is here. It’s not easy loosing your happiness for weeks and trying so so hard to figure out how things went bad. 


Yea! So what have I missed on here? Oh Lord so many cobwebs! Jesus!!! I need to do environmental today, Good gracious it’s Saturday. 

I’m back to my home in Lagos, school was hectic this semester; took 7 months to complete one semester, since February! Imagine!!! So pathetic. 

I don’t know if I’m the only one happy about the ASUU strike tho ?. It’s not my fault… How do you expect me to feel, after spending more than stipulated number of months in school. Don’t forget the number “7”! Like Capital number 7. And yea,  exams was like taking a long walk through hell. It was Examful. lol. 

All things truly work together for good. 

Currently Listening to: Intentional by Travis Greene. 

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