Apologies, My Readers

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I really love dodo ;););)

 Hey Guys, 

I’m really sorry 🙏 for the break, school has been hella crazy these days, I even don’t have time for myself anymore :'(. Gosh can’t wait to finish mehn :'(.

I promise not to take these much break again, I promise to always update twice a day on this blog from today onwards. Can I get a round of applause for that… 

 A sneak peek in to how my day was; so today was a free day in my department, so I had to catch up with things from reading my mails (245 personal and 210 for this blog) to doing my laundry, I also had a friend come over so she made food for my roommate and I ;). It’s been a good day so far, time to retire to bed, after leaving the toilet tho. 😂😂😂. 

P. S ; currently writing this, from the toilet 😎, kindly block your nose while reading this because I don’t trust my own sh**. Have a good night rest readers and visitors. 

I’m sorry 🙏 guys


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