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April Fool’s Day

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It’s pretty much early to be penning this down yea? but I have to, before your feeds get blown up by thousands of April Fool’s Day posts and pranks abi.

Happy New Month, I must say and cheers to everyone that’s made it this far and still kicking it. Gradually, we are coming close to the end of the first quarter of the year that means we’re having just 2__ (I can’t do maths right now lol) days remaining. I pray we all thrive and succeed through every thing and activity we set our minds to.

I’m not really a fan of April Fool’s Day, neither am I a fan of pranks (I don’t know how true that sounds) even though we all grew up on it, both in school, at home with friends or any where we find ourselves.

I remember the first time I got pranked by my mum, yes my Mum mehn… I was really stupid back then to think it was true. In fact let me give you the full gist. *Don’t laugh at me o*


It was on a Saturday, I was in primary 5 then, preparing for Common Entrance, when my mum and my aunt had carefully rehearsed their prank. My favorite aunt, rushed to my bed to wake me, telling me “today’s your common entrance exam!!!”.

“Aunty Ifeoma, say God?” I quizzed becoming suddenly scared, because it was kinda late in the morning around 10 am and it was slated for 8 am.

I hurriedly ran into the bathroom, kicking whatever buckets I saw on the way, with my aunt and Mum being sluggish towards my preparation, I didn’t know when I started crying and cursing that they were wicked.

“Mummy, where’s my math-set?” I asked with anxiety while aunty Ifeoma was busy talking with her boyfriend on phone. I wasted no time in concluding, that they truly were the enemies behind my progress.

Instead of my Mum to bring out math-set, she went to make custard for me. (what level of misplaced priorities). I had no choice but to start looking for my math-set in her drawer like a drug addict looking for his aphrodisiac, I finally found my math-set, then I saw a file that had my name on it, so I decided to showcase my FBI talent in my small mind.

Flipping through it’s pages of instructions, even though I was already running late, but I just had that curiosity to finish my check. Bam! my eyes caught something, guess what??? I found the date!!!… My exam was in 2 weeks time and not that day. I just fell flat on her bed, heaving a very big sigh of relief, while trying to muster “ahhh thank you God”.

My mum, rushed with my bowl of custard in her hand saying “Oya take, rush it, so you can go quick” but with the kind of look I gave her that morning ehn, I don’t think I’ve given it to anyone for the past 2 years, *like you betrayer, how dare YOU?*.   She looked closely and noticed, I had come to light of their prank and she burst out laughing loudly at the same time trying not to pour the custard she was holding as she was trying to call aunty Ifeoma and aunty Ifeoma came running also laughing and shouting April Fool!!!

I finally, let my pride down and asked why they set me up, and Mummy said, “shebi, you don’t like bathing on Saturday until 5 in the evening and today is April fool, at least now you’ve taken your bath by crook. Elahh”

Long story short, my mum and aunt did all that so I could wake up and have my bath on time. Mehn that was wicked, in fact pure wickedness.  Since then, I started being doubtful about anything, anybody tells me, especially when it’s urgent. Maybe it’s a phobia now. The adrenaline rush I had that day ehn no be here. 

Any April Fool’s experience you’d like to share? let me know in the comment box below.


  1. I woke up this morning to my phone ringing. Bestie was like “what’s going on in your school, I just got news the VC is dead”. You can imagine my shock, I suddenly became weak, I was stammering out a reply when he screamed April fool. It would have been bearable except his brother and mum were with him on it. These people think they can do this to me and go scot free!? I waited about an hour, then told him I’m on my way to the park, I’m traveling down to go see him, I’ll branch our favorite eatery and get him his favorite fish bread and hollandia yoghurt. He was all excited claiming “I miss you so much baby, I love you”. I’m just starting with this prank sef. Right now I’m eating jollof rice, chicken and coke on my bed. We shall see.

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