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We all hit that point of our lives when we get tired of our level, when you want to be a better you, when you have voracious anger for growth, not the ones that come subconsciously. But the intentional ones, the ones we embark on as a journey. I guess i’m at that stage in my life.

The stage where we want more for ourselves, when we are no more satisfied with what we used to achieve, do or get in most cases. Sometimes this more we want, comes in form of self-improvement, more finance, more knowledge, more craftiness at what you do and the likes. A times it calls for more soul-searching, time to connect with your inner self, to know more of your existence. The little bit of more.

In most cases, the end result of this hunger always results in the the positive light and increases our productivity and values in the society. So, by attempting to be a better you, you will be happier, more productive, and fulfill more dreams than if I chose to be stagnant. You will start to see new opportunities that once were never a reality nor a possibility. You will meet new and exciting people that may give more meaning to your life. These benefits just touch the surface of the positive impact of attempting to be a better you can have. These are just few out of the many benefits of being a better you.

So, I have taken out this month also to do a few things that will better me. Some of which are to;

  1. Learn something new
  2. Make another person’s day
  3. Write down your goals for the next week
  4. Get outside and be active
  5. Wake up before sunrise 

It’s a phase, if utilized well gets us better in life.

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