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I know I stole it, don't judge me please 😒
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      So many times, I ask myself, how do I look? how come my face is in this form? how’s my body stature like this? knowing fully well, ripped body, abs and biceps is near “unimpossible” for me :oops:. So I thought, if I could think about this, then how about the plus sized folks, who the society has given the “see as he/she fat look 😒” how do they see themselves?, hope their self confidence ain’t dead… 

Too many people, with the thoughts of why can’t I be like, Tara,Okon, Musa or Nnenna. Too many people suffering from one yeye complex tin. 

Case Study. (Mr E)

It’s exam period in my school, as y’all know already :'(, so I decided to go stay with a couple of friends, you know group reading tinz, so they’ve got a friend, who’s actually done with school, just about his final clearance and stuff, so it’s OK if you call him. Senior.  

Seeing Mr.E, I feel bad…  I know you’re wondering why? But here’s a little something, why I feel bad…

Mr.E, is always chasing after his friends, doesn’t think for himself, looking up to them, as they influence his decisions greatly, and I wonder, how he does it, whenever he’s hungry, or wants to poo. (lol 😁, I’m sorry, couldn’t help it😂). 

This afternoon, after exam stuffs na, we all were just gisting and whining, y’all sabi guys talk na… It became so glaring, he didn’t have an opinion of his, as he concurred to every opinion, trynna impress his friends, used curse words, because his friends did, trying so hard to fit in the clique, accepting things, he won’t accept normally. Doing things he doesn’t do, and guess what?… I heard it’s called Inferiority Complex! 😒.

It got me thinking, there’s quite a number of people,Who aren’t happy, who aren’t true, who believe they are worthless, who…in fact Inferiority is all they express! Damn it!!! And I ask, how long, are they gonna live like that… 

    You’re beautiful, you’re awesome, you’re God’s creation and not make believe, be unapologetically real, be true, be Confident, Boy! You better love yourself or nobody will. I say these words whenever I feel like I’m beginning to feel that yeye complex tin, Mtcheew 😒. (it’s my secret pep talk tho 😁). 

This gives a very big head_start in life as growing adults,and at least, we won’t be hearing much of, suicide news… 

Goodnight y’all, till the next time. I love you all (feeling sad :|). 

Ciao ✌. 


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