Some Biggest “only in the America” moments

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I was on a call with a long time friend from the states *lol famzing*. Our conversation was a long one, so we basically talked about a wide range of things ranging from starting a new life over there, meeting new people, making new friends, best hangout spots and all. So she started gisting me about stuffs that she thinks happen only in America.        We talked and laughed through half of the conversation. Then suddenly, she brought my attention to it again, something very much interesting. Biggest only in America moments. Stuffs that will keep you amazed to conclude “this can only be in America”.

Here’s the full compilation. Grab your bottle of coke, cup of coffee, or just swallow saliva if you have none lol.


  1. Many professors start the class with, “Thank you for joining me today”.
  2. My Physics professor knelt down next to our desk in the lab, to explain something.
  3. If you’re going to a professor’s office to turn in your homework, they THANK you.
  4. Some people from your own country will go way out of their line to help you. That’s how I’m being trained for some IT skills by one of the millionaire alumni from my university although I’m just in 2nd year of my Bachelors.
  5. Most of the cops ask, “How are you doing?” with a smile, if you have eye contact with them.
  6. The local vendor “Thanks You” wholeheartedly for patronage.


This really surprised me, like for real!!! how can your professor kneel down to explain something to you in the lab??? In Nigeria here, they hardly come to class, and when they do, its at the beginning of the semester for the introduction of the course and next is revision week. So where is the time to kneel down to explain biko?

That’s so not here in Nigeria. Not to talk about the policeman asking “how you’re doing” with a smile when you both come in eye contact. This one, I laughed till I lost strength. That’s so not in the Code of conduct in the Nigerian Police Force. Not forgetting their infamous slogan of *The Police Is Your Friend* which they never practice except when their IG is on television.

Police is your friend
This their way of showing their friendship to you

How about Iya  basira telling you a “Thank You” wholeheartedly? That’s so not possible. In fact its UNimpossible. Ogbeni if you ain’t buying, koshi kuro. Patronage ko, matronage ni… 

market woman
How do you expect this woman to say “Thank You”???

As for a professor saying thank you… My dear, how I wish you studied down here… Really??? Our professors don’t see themselves less than gods. If it were possible to dethrone God almighty they won’t mind. But thank God for God.        In fact, you should be the one to prostrate or go on your knees if you’re a girl, to submit your very own assignment… Like you are presenting yourself before a deity with your sacrifice.

Nigerian Professor
How our lecturers see themselves

And as for the part of a lecturer saying “Thank You for joining me” well. All I can say is its the other way around here. We are the ones that say the “Thank You” because they feel we should be grateful to them passing the knowledge down to us, when they are fully paid with allowances included… Wait, don’t you think that sounds odd? Thank You for joining me? eeewww. I can’t imagine my lecturer saying that, instead they brag about being for God, B being for them and C for the rest of the class. How about that for a “Thank You for joining me” hun?

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