Brands are supporting #keepTheChangeBae trend

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 In the same vein of keepTheChangeBae, brands have already started using the trend to promote their products, first was Wema bank, and then Orijin Nigeria, which I posted about.
Now, it had spread like a wild fire and everyone is trying to jump on the trend to advertise their products and also give discounts, as opportunities like this come once in while, especially when you least expect. This is the advantage of social media really.

Here are pictures of brands that are already using the #keepTheChangeBae trend…


Ann Dealdey said they won’t carry last either


Neither does Yudala either


Even Toothpick company; Baton toothpicks decided to have a share of the rave, by letting you


I’m still wondering who’s gonna be the last, because the list seems endless, as there are still more…


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