Breast Cancer – #NoBraDay

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So today is Friday the 13th, and you know it’s all about awareness for Breast Cancer. It’s also a day to celebrate breast cancer survivors all over the world.

Breast Cancer, #NoBraDay

Meanwhile #TwitterNG isn’t having it likely, most tweeps are asking and searching rigorously for braless pictures of tits.

But my pervert me couldn’t hide when I saw the #NoBraDay trending…

Don’t blame me… Blame my pervert me ?…


It’s a sad thing to hear about victims of breast cancer, so here’s an info-graphic to personally examine yourself from time to time for lumps in the breast – The earlier the better

#NoBraDay , Breast Cancer

May God grant those taken by breast cancer eternal rest. Grace and strength plus quick recovery to those currently fighting it. May they come out victorious… #NoBraDay


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