This Thing Called “Overthinking” 

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This thing called Overthinking? 


We seldom talk about the dangers of overthinking situations. Sadly many of us turn out as victims of it but fail to retrace to the origin of “overthinking” that led to the problems afterwards.
Being a victim of overthinking especially in a relationship consumes you at the end with feelings of guilt you can’t deal.
In relationships, overthinking things, happens when we are insecure most of the time. We doubt out partner, label them with so many vices in our heads. We get consumed with the thoughts of “what if she’s this?”  “What if he’s that?” which more often than not leads to questioning the foundation of which a relationship is built “Trust“…


Trust, the most vital ingredient in a relationship when altered is hard to put together. Let’s use the example of straight paper; when folded, or squeezed can not return to its normal state except through the use of some high level of intelligence *Using hot pressing iron* lol. Which in the “relationship” reality will need a lot of starting all over again as the place of using “hot pressing iron”.
After all my gibberish, the point is this; Do not overthink stuff regardless of whether it’s a relationship or in other sphere of life. It’s so not worth. Why give yourself headache over sh*t that never worth it at all. The dangers far outweighs whatever good might come with it, *that’s if there’s any though*


Overthinking ain’t good in no way…
From someone who learnt his lesson already.


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