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Dealing With Mood Swings 

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OK, I’m writing this because I just got over one right now, so I had to pen this down right away. Mood Swings are bad and I rarely fall into its deadly pit. Having mood swing is really scary to me, like if you do know Urbanoversabi personally, you’d know my switch is always turned on; no off/dulling moments at all.

I got back from work yesterday pretty early than I used to, so I had much time to relax, surf the net and maybe go to bed early, something I should be dancing home about for.

Happy gif

but Alas! that wasn’t my case #sighs ?. I literally walked in to the house, with a RBF (Resting Bitvh Face) you know like Squidward in SpongeBob square pants.

Squidward RBF

I browsed through my phone, checking my numerous whatsapp messages including the “funny” bc(s), I replied most with Rotfl, Lmao and with emojis but in reality my straight face game was ?, like fvck it! It’s cyberspace you can’t see my real face, lol.(I still typed lol (with a straight face ?).

rihanna_Resting bitch face
So, I came up with some few back door escape route, that I feel could help you.

Here they are;

My little list of things to do when trying to deal with Mood Swings;

  • Browse through your phone gallery: It has been scientifically proven that pictures bring back joyous memories, except you have an album of sad pictures which isn’t normal. I have a question tho: why was it proven anyway? Isn’t that normal psychology. Mehn! Science sha always want people to it proved something…
  • Listen to Music : This is also a good way to deal with mood swings…….. Oh ?, were you waiting for my own testimony about this method. ? I stopped trying this method a long while ago. My phone music player doesn’t help matters at all. It’s always playing sad, emotional songs, making me feel like I just broke up 😕 with someone. My brain will just be understanding all the sad lyrics. Imagine, by the time I look through any mirror by mistake, I’d start seeing watery eyes. IMAGINE!!! ?.
  • Read through your old conversations : I know this is being partial *grins*, you dey vex? Go and look for your own soulmate too. Reading through old convos, is almost similar to browsing your gallery. While reading through, you won’t notice when it all starts playing in your head and you’ll start shining teeth like a goat about to be slaughtered lol. It brings back memories which leads to my next point.
  • Calling Your Partner : This is the best one for me personally, it’s like the hook, hook then bam the JAB! This is usually the best escape route from mood swings for most people. If you don’t have a partner, why not call a friend, an old friend, school pal, or sibling. It works 99.9 % of the time, except your own mood swing now has Ph.d ?.

I hope, this has been useful to you *winks* yea yea, I’m off my RBF lol.


  1. Ha. When I have mood swings, my male buddies automatically rule it off that I’m in that time of the month and it only gets me even more fiery. So I sleep it off in order not to chew someone’s head off. Thanks for the list dear, this is a really thought out post.

    1. I’m sorry dear, but I’m in that gang too, lol. I always assume it’s the divine time of the month. So I rule out all my “cuddlings and ticklings”. I’m really happy it’s helpful to you.

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