Ever Wondered How Hurricanes Are Named? You’ll Be Surprised

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Ever wondered how hurricanes are being named?

Its no news about the recent series of earthquakes hitting countries especially the states. Mexico also. If you’re newsy, you’d have heard of the recent one, Hurricane Maria.

I know one time or the other, you have wondered or are still wondering how TF, they are named, and where its got to be a feminine name for that matter?

Well bother no more… bcos the ogbonge oversabi don land wit im korret korret autentik answer to ya queschion!!!.

Oh lawwwd… Save me from this Aba spirit.

Here’s How Hurricanes Are Named:

The first person to detect a hurricane is given the honour to name it. He/She might choose any name he/she so wishes. Although, most of them like to name it after their wives or mother-in-law.

Why They Are Given Feminine Names?

Well, hurricanes are named after females because when they come, they are wet and wild. And when they leave, my oh my… They take away your house, car(s). and leave your empty. except your dog maybe…

Disclaimer: Don’t say this outside to anyone. You didn’t hear it from me. I don’t even know you, and I’m sure you don’t know me. In fact, I never said I knew why they are given feminine names. In fact, I don’t have a blog. What’s a blog by the way???



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