2 weeks break

Exams Got Me Like; 2 Weeks Break

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Just when the tensions of exams were building to about 80%, the school management called a 2-week break before the commence of our exams. Exams got me like;

Exams got me like

As much as examination is dreadful to most students, I think to me, its becoming *dreadlier*. The sleepless nights, head constantly buried in my books, moving from one tutorial to another. My calculator is now my new mobile phone with an MTN sim. “Everywhere I go”… In case you are wondering what course I’m studying… bring your ear let me whisper it to you… *Economics* Please don’t look at me as an efiko.

Not to even mention the 30 billion, I’ve spent in school this semester. They will just be coming up with one tin one tin to milk you of the little “K” in your account, you are trying to build up to 30 billion. But No, they don’t want you to be great; group assignment that will cost #3,500 for each person in a group of 10 in one course, not to mention other courses. They should kukuma kee me.

Exams got me like

This 2-weeks break is my savior right now, but the sad thing is,I’m stuck in school right now. Have to do a lot of photocopies worth #1,200 , still gotta pay a practical fee of #1,500 for a compulsory entrepreneurial course that doesn’t add a figure to my GP.

Food is finished, gas is finished, gotta go home today, my clothes I washed ain’t dried after taking them in and out for 3 whole days, because of a weather that I don’t know what season we are in. Hot Sun and slightly heavy rain drizzling, then I begin to wonder why a lioness is giving birth whenever I take my clothes out to dry.

Exams got me like

Since, everything wants to dabaru my head, I’ll just lay back and farabaleย to sort things out. Let’s see who will come out alive. lol

Trying to figure out after taking a long break

Till my next post…


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