Fidelity bank is testing my patience

Fidelity Bank Is Testing My Patience

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I’ve heard people complain endlessly about how their banks steal extort them of their hard earned money all in the name of Charges; Account maintenance charge, atm card maintenance charge, monthly service charge, SMS charge and so on and so forth. All they do is just give it a legit name, so customers just accept it like that and then keep drinking your money. This morning, my bank; Fidelity bank tried playing hide and seek with me.

During these period, I’ve always been doing unofficial marketing duties for my bank (Fidelity bank). Use Fidelity na, dem no dey tiff person money. I no know wetin you dey find for diamond bank. That’s been my line whenever I hear complaints.

Not until yesterday morning, when I got an SMS meanwhile I was expecting an *alert* and this is what they decided to play me with…

Fidelity bank is playing with me
The text I received

I got the first one in the morning and I deleted. I had thought “well nothing much, they don’t do this often” till I saw it again this afternoon… Is Fidelity Bank testing me ni? 😐. How can they be telling me they are maintaining the card I own, the one I paid 1k for? I don’t even use a mastercard for crying out loud!!!

I wanted to call their customer care, but they stylishly exempted it from the text.

Fidelity bank is testing Me
                                   WELL PLAYED!!!

I’m patiently waiting for them to try it again, hopefully they don’t, because ah ken take it!!!!


  1. Likeeeeee i cant take it too!! All of them are the same. Uba tried it with me, Access too. I just keep wondetibg how are you maintaining my card please??? Thieves thats what they are

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