Baba dudu Flashback Friday

#Flashback Friday: Do You Remember Snacking On These?

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90s babies, get in here. As today being friday, let’s flashback to the snacks and Ijekuje we snacked on, in the early/late 90s.

1. King of alGoody Goody! We even nicknamed it after a reigning artiste back then. Pastor Goody Goody

Goody goody FlashbackFriday

2. Baba Dudu: This was the ghetto Goody Goody. I think they still sell this though.

Baba dudu Flashback Friday

3. Blue Boat Powder Milk. I remember using my lesson money for this. Even Offering money too.

Blue boat Milk Flashback Friday

4. Telephone Juice: I refuse to mention the numerous bad things I did just to buy this juice. Mummy Please Forgive Me…

Telephone juice Flashback Friday

P.S:  If you are reading this and you had to ask any uncle or Aunty around what any of the above is, please from today start referring to me as “Uncle UrbanOversabi” . Or else. . . 

Flashback Friday snacks


  1. Number two, oh lordie…
    Number three… And Number four! Can you believe?? Ten naira…for a whole phone 😂😂. Using all pocket money to get phone when it’s time to act family with the siblings…
    The times…
    You should totally do a second part.

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