Girls of nowadays

Girls Of Nowadays

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Girls of nowadays. ​Gone are the days when majority of girls have much to offer. Its like at the breaking of a new dawn every blessed girls are making themselves of less values. Only a few and I mean a very small percentage of girls are the ones with virtue, say 25%. The rest believe every guy should be their sponsor, helper as Falz The Bahd Guy calls them Girls which is totally a wrong mindset. Most of them need fresh orientation. Girls Of Nowadays tho….

So we can’t ask girls the HAVE YOU EATEN? question anymore In Nigeria again? Because when you do,what you are gonna hear is or reply you are gonna get if you are chatting is…


Nope, I am broke. Don’t even have food stuff right now… I borrowed my friend’s phone to chat with you, because no money to subscribe for data and also no money to fix my phone as the touch pad is really bad…

And my school fee sef. I used It to do a business and they cheated me big time, and now I don’t even know how to get the money back… All my friends that I trusted, that I thought would be there for me, all disappointed me… Even my body is doing me somehow now sef…It seems its sickness, gosh I hate sickness! I pray it ain’t sickness, especially when I am broke (really???)…

And my landlord is on my neck.. But I have raised half of my rent, still looking for who will help me with the other half… I hate this life…gosh.                                                                             I don’t want to disturb my parent for money…

I know we are not too close and I don’t want it to look like I am a beggar or I’m trying to beg you for money, but I really need help right now, anything you can send will go a long way…

Will send my account number to you now.. Or I can come for the weekend if u send t.p…


Babes!!!.. He only asked if you’ve eaten.. A simple Yes/No is what he expected, not the problems of your generation. And how come, you want to come for the weekend when you were feeling ill??? hun? Still trying to sell your body for money?

Why not get your hands on something rather than getting 1000 likes on facebook for posting body exposing pictures. Giving yourself unnecessary names. Bosslady toh cute tha pweedie pwincess.  

In fact I’m tired of girls of nowadays. Big time!!!


  1. Deeead! I feel sorry for whoever gets such an epistle as a response to a simple question. Ah ahn!
    This was a very entertaining piece lol, but don’t get discouraged by the “bad” seeds, continue keeping your eyes peeled for the good ones!

  2. If you’re tired, move out and leave us in our country. Is it your begging?? Is it your pweedie pwincess name???
    Leave us jare!!
    Gaan born your own girl and mold her into the kind of lady you want ‘grins evilly’

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