Google Reveals the Most Searched ‘How-to’ Questions. Number 2 is ‘Kind of Expected.’

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With all sincerity, we can admit that we have searched for numerous things on Google that we’re shy to ask anyone. And Google has always been our run-to guy. 

Well, Google recently released a list of the most frequently searched ‘How to’ questions and surprisingly, I’m not shocked at the things I saw… Trust me, you’d be surprised at what peeps search for, even you. Oya let’s check your phone if you’re so sure. Lol

1. How to tie a tie?

2. How to kiss?

3. How to get pregnant?

4. How to lose weight?

5. How to draw?

6. How to make money?

7. How to make pancakes?

8. How to write a cover letter?

9. How to make French toast?

10. How to lose belly fat?

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