Growth Is Essential

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Change is Constant, you change either for the better or for worse. But still I think Growth is less talked about. The dynamism of growth is so so unique, you can’t comprehend it all by yourself, till after it’s all taken its course.

Sometimes we feel like we know a lot; like how the world works, religion, good karma, bad karma, relationships but come to realize… We didn’t know nothing! Like a couple or series of events happen and you’re left there standing and wondering how with “all your knowledge”  couldn’t sort things out. Then you realize, you didn’t know nothing.

That phase passes on, and you begin to feel the pains from what happened, you can’t under a lot of things, you can’t control things no more, so you finally result to, letting things take their natural course while you sit back and observe.

Then you start to unlearn all over again, what you thought you knew, then begin another process of learning and re-learning. Your perspectives change into a whole new light. Growth has taken its course. In fact, its so essential to the human mind, both physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally and all other “lly’s”  spheres of life. Lol.

This is when we strive to be better than we were, we start to make them manifest from the way we speak, react, dress and a whole lot other things. Some things stop to matter, while some begin to top our priorities list. We detach ourselves from some things , same way we attach ourselves to some other things, be it old or new. It’s all taking its course.

We strive to be better than we used to be, as a result of the growth that taken place in our minds, therefore manifests outwardly. As Change is Constant, Growth is essential.

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