I feel Paranoid

Help, I Feel Paranoid 

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Help! I’m feeling Paranoid, I don’t know what to feel, I don’t feel loved. I’m feeling like someone’s lurking somewhere trying to hurt me, or maybe do some more hurting to the one I feel right now.

Is it real, or it’s just some illusionary feeling? Or maybe it’s just my head or my mind playing tricks on me… But NO! I know what I feel, I don’t think it’s a trick my mind’s playing. No!

This gotta be real somehow, it feels so real I can’t explain.
Or maybe, just maybe it’s a surreal dream anyways, but whatever it is, I hope it isn’t real, I wanna snap out of it so bad, it’s tearing me apart. Take me back to me.

Or maybe it’s the fire I’ve got to go through to be purified and be shinier than ever. Just maybe…

Help! I feel Paranoid.

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