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Help! I have Pericoronitis!!!

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I have pericoronitis!!! crying

Lol, you’re scared right now because you saw big grammar. rotfl… Ok, truly I saw this on google and I felt goosebumps all over my body. I got chilled down my spine like, *NOoooo, not meeeeee I don’t wanna die* kinda feeling.

Sometimes in March, I made a post about having toothache which actually, I’d been having long before I even made the post; say January (during my first semester exams). For whatever reason I know not of, I didn’t go to see a dentist. Ignorance is BLISS.

Although, I’d been taking home remedies; consuming white Vitamin C of N100 in two days ( my tongue suffered mehn) and gargle water mixed with salt, which I confirmed from Mum to be authentic. But it kept going back and forth, for what? I G N O R A NC E.

Last weekend I decided to do some findings about it on google, (at least before I go to the dentist and start paying money for hospital card and consultation bla bla bla) there and then I saw it staring at me in the face… I have P E R I C O R O N I T I S

So, let me give you more details about Pericoronitis… God! how do this science people sef come up with this names nitori olorun… I can’t even pronounce it at once…


What Causes Pericoronitis?

The primary cause for pericoronitis is accumulation of bacteria. Usually, the tooth is only partially exposed (erupted) and has excess gum tissue that overlaps the tooth. Bacteria and food debris gets trapped in the space between the tooth and the overlapping gum. This overlapping gum is called an “operculum.” Active infection is associated with an abscess that contains pus, which has the ability to spread if left unattended.

What are risk factors for pericoronitis?

Most commonly, pericoronitis affects young adults in their mid-20s who are experiencing poorly erupting wisdom teeth. Risk factors for pericoronitis include the presence of excess gum tissue (operculum) overlying the wisdom tooth and difficult access to the wisdom teeth for proper cleaning.

What are pericoronitis symptoms and signs?

Signs and symptoms of pericoronitis can range from mild to severe and include pain, swelling of the gums, tenderness, redness of gum tissue, bad breath, bad taste from pus, difficulty opening the jaw, difficulty swallowing, swollen lymph nodes, fever, loss of appetite, and feeling unwell.

What is the treatment for pericoronitis?

There are three methods for treatment of pericoronitis depending on the severity of the condition:

  1. Management of pain and resolving the infection
  2. Minor surgery to remove the overlapping gum tissue (operculectomy)
  3. Removal of the tooth.

Are home remedies effective for pericoronitis?

Sometimes, mild symptoms of pericoronitis can be treated at home without antibiotics. Thorough and gentle brushing of the area with a small-headed toothbrush may help to break up the plaque or food that is trapped. Oral water irrigators can be effective in clearing out the debris trapped under the operculum as well. Rinsing with warm saltwater can help to soothe the area. Additionally, diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used as a rinse or irrigating solution to help reduce the bacteria in the area.

For severe pericoronitis where swelling and fever are present, home treatments are not advised and proper care should be sought with the appropriate health-care professional.



After the terminologies and everything, what they’re trying to say simply is that; I am growing wisdom tooth, which completes the human 32 set teeth (I can now respond and dance to Lagbaja’s, show me your 32 ooo). And because there’s little or no space, its trying find space between the gum and that results in pain because my upper molar is biting down on it which is causing pains, inability to swallow, and difficulty opening my jaw to wide to shout H A  L L E L U Y A H! but the devil issa liar!!!

Furthermore, it has caused swelling which brings out Pus, even though it isn’t visible, I can feel the taste, so I hardly swallow my saliva (I know its disgusting ewwww.) Plus I’m now a pregnant man. I spit upandan and go out with bottled water to gargle my mouth after eating anything, so the food particles don’t get trapped in my gum…

P.S: I now have a bad taste ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I only had memories of past taste of plantain when I ate rice and plantain yesterday… So much for Pericoronitis. I also don’t go out, if I’m short of enough cash because all thanks to this yeye thing called Pericoronitis, I now consume almost 6 bottles of water a day… This life naaa…

Lest I forget, I just got inducted to the club of twice a day teeth brushers lol. so much stress kai!.

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