Help O! Our Bobrisky has been arrested

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I know this is sounding somehow but, the ladiesman was arrested yesterday in Lekki.

Bobrisky snapchat Instagram

Funny enough, it’s really really trending, because girls have been looking out for snapchat updates since yesterday. (yes you heard that right, girls).

Even when the male circle didn’t accept his confused ass, the girls welcomed him as one of their own, with arms wide open. Because as far he has “boobs (fake and padded), he knows how to fake accent, talks about BAE, he can TWERK…” only he has a third-leg, which doesn’t matter at all….

Bobrisky snapchat Instagram

Well, the male folks can be rest for once… No snap for now?, no checking his page on our phones ?. No gist or videos about him for now…

Guys! Let’s enjoy the moment yo!

The real reason for his arrest is not known yet, but insiders reveal that Bobrisky will likely be transferred to Abuja, this morning…

Disclaimer: I’m not ” happy” he’s been arrested, I’m just happy about the the calm about to be witnessed… Don’t come for me. And I don’t know the insiders too. ?


    1. Actually, it isn’t rumour. But before then, we suffered from them using our phones, that we bought with our earned money!!!
      They now disturb with Instagram stories. God!

      In fact, I try as much as possible to escape any convo about bobrisky. Next they will say is, oya let’s check with your phone; there’s no network on my phone plus my data too…

  1. I see your point. That would be annoying for sure, and you wouldn’t want to say no, though personally, if I don’t want to give them, I’ll straight up tell them, but then, I wouldn’t be found in an argument about Bobrisky.

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