I feel Empty

I Feel Empty

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There comes a stage in our lives when we feel so empty. So empty our minds are so blank. So empty you are searching everywhere possible for something to fill it up, but can’t find none.

A time when we would think we know things about life, “oh yea, I’ve been through a lot, nothing can surprise me no more” but then life in its dynamism reminds us and we then go “oh shit, I didn’t know nothing” 
I think I’m at that point in life again Yea? Right now, I feel like I need a lot more of soul searching, I got used to the old me already.

This post is an introduction to the many things I have in mind to post on here… I hope it’s gonna worth the read anyway… It ain’t easy writing about your own life to people you haven’t met before. *smirks*

I’m beginning to feel like a young teenager about to clock “18”, you know the paranoia of what’s in the world for me for being “18” kinda feeling. It’s so unexplainable…

So yea, I’m gonna be updating about my personal life for the next couple of days. I hope, I have company in this journey though.

P.S: I’m not sorry, for not being able to post recently… It’s just the way I feel right now.


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