I’m Angry But Don’t Know Why.

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What’s the word for that kind of anger you feel, yet its to something you can’t pin point? I solely think, it’s one major killer that’s not major, wanna know why?

I said so, because I feel it doesn’t get talked about. It drives one to thinking there’s nothing good about one’s self. Opening your senses to the darkest parts of this world we live in.
I don’t know if there’s a word to depression and anger, because that’s what can qualify what I’m feeling right now.

But Angry at what in particular? 

That’s the point, I can’t place my anger on anything solely, whether because things were going on fine since the beginning of this year, and then I just lost touch of what? I dunno…

Too many good things have been happening to me this past 2 months, or am I feeling weird because nothing major has happened yet this March? but sh** I attended a huge once  in a year series of events, which ended last week, and it’s barely a week yet. Or maybe that’s not my problem?

Maybe it’s puberty! Maybe I’m beginning to get sick of it’s mind games, it’s been playing on me. Like it’s gonna be my birthday in a couple of months and here I am!, still with the same countable strands of facial hair, I had since I got into my first semester in 200l. OK I forgot to add, it’s now 7. I think, I really deserve to be angry.                                                 But still what level of stagnancy is this for Christ sake! 

To crown it all as if that’s not enough, I still have the same shallow depth of voice I had since I can’t remember when. Why on earth is all this happening to me! I think this is where my anger lies. Yes, it’s me getting pissed, angry, mad at puberty trying to tell me am  not worthy of its full gift package. Oh please, don’t give me the baby face look…

If you know what being treated as a 16/17 year old teen atimes feels like, then you know where I’m coming from. 

Despite the emotional pain, puberty is putting me through, I’ve made it a point not to use anything whatsoever to trigger either the beard out or thicken my voice.                   The battle line is drawn: Puberty! Bring it on!!!

But for now, lemme just stay lowkey, Like Aunty…

lowkey angry       

Currently, listening to : What now! – Rihanna… 

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