Infidelity: Shocker as Man Orders For Prostitute Only for his Wife to Show up

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A man from Katy, Texas, got the shocker of his life when he ordered for a prostitute online and got his wife instead. Talk about Infidelity at its best  worst.

The 52-year-old man (name withheld) had lied to his wife that he was going on a fishing trip when in fact he was going to a motel for a sexual rendezvous.

On getting to the motel on Saturday afternoon, he logged on the website from which he ordered his prostitutes from. He picked what he at the time thought was a 28-year-old lady. Site policy made it so that faces were never revealed and only the body from the neck down was shown. The man ordered the lady, managed to haggle the price down to $150 from $200 for a 2-hour session.

Around 8pm, people were made aware of a commotion from the man’s room. On investigating, it was discovered that the ‘Prostitute’ was none other than the man’s 49-year-old wife.

The lady had lied about her age on the adult site. She was understandably angry that her husband had been cheating with prostitutes, but he also was incensed that she had been selling her body on a website.

The woman has moved back to her parents’ house in Houston with their marriage on the verge of collapse.

The man is in even more trouble as he now has legal troubles to contend with as Texan law stipulates that it is a crime to obtain sexual favours in exchange for money, the fact that it was his wife does not matter.


I nothing to say but…

This is a very very bad situation. Infidelity, as I have found out is the major cause of most relationship failures and yet still gets less attention. Infidelity from both sides, I can’t deal. How did it get this worse? What must have gone wrong? Trust! Trust!! Trust!!!

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