It’s My Birthday! 

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I know this is coming in quite late but let me hit the nail on the head sharp sharp! Its My birthday!!! At least better late than never.                                

Often times, during discussions or whenever I hear people bragging about their age, I’m usually pissed.

I don’y know but, there’s this underlying fear I get when I remembered I was going to turn 20 by 2017. I was so so scared. My best-friend knows this, babe knows this, even Mum knows this. I usually felt like I’m being to lax about the things of life like most teenagers. unlike some few distant childhood friends that we lost touch and I often times find them online doing the most!

I was having a conversation with a female friend sometime ago and it appeared she wasn’t interested in most of the topics we talked about. I’m not a career person but, I know a lot of people that are breaking grounds way before they even became 20! like 2-0!!!

All she wanted to talk about was pool party, which celeb is dating B’s ex, how this celeb cheated on his partner, how who’s going to have another baby mama. I didn’t know when I muttered…


When I turned 19 last year, I was on my way to school a day before, and I cried my eyes out through out the journey. It was like, this wasn’t the life I bargained for. I know where I’m coming from, but must it be so hard to find my feet in life?  I went to school with nothing but the remaining change from the t.fare of the bus I boarded to school. Guess how much? #300! Of which remained #150 by the time I got to my hostel…

But today, its been a different story so far.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m not where I used to be. Having the right people in your life is one of the major keys of life I have learnt. Even if its just one person. Although in my case there are 2. lol.

I remembered attending a cousin’s 20th birthday in march, and all I felt was joy and love unlike the past years when I didn’t attend birthdays, so as not to break down. I know how elaborate it was. People came around and it was blissful. I’m pointing to this because, that’s the first time I attended a birthday party in  a very long time, because I couldn’t handle the trauma thereafter.

So last night was the night, I graduated from having “teen” in my age. I know you’re wondering ahnahn na small boy sef. Una wey old pass me, I hail. even if na 1 year, I still hail you!!!

So, here’s a two-man list of people that push me forward in what I do… as per age tho. Its not gonna be long I promise

  1. Maraji: Maraji, is a popular online comedian and vlogger. She recently celebrated her 20th birthday in February. 
  2. Nasty C: A South African rapper who has proven himself worthy to be among S.A’s A-list artistes. He celebrated his 20th birthday also in February…

     I’m not one to say, I try to live my life like another person’s, but I know healthy competition is good for the soul. “I know if you settle for less, you’ll get less than you settled for”. I know I tried to sound deep lol. 

    I also pray my beards do start to come out o. Because I cannot come and be screaming *hey, I’m not a teenager!* before entering any club… Lol 😂 😂 😂 


    1. Welcome onboard E-boyfriend. It actually dawned on me I was 20 in the evening of my birthday when Mia asked me how it feels to be 20, though I lied that I don’t attribute importance to number but the truth is I feel far from where I want to be. But sometimes what we want isn’t as great as what we need.
      Happy Birthday Urbanoversabi
      I wish you more of all the good things of life.
      And I also wanna wish every 20year old out there a happy life and a good journey to real self discovery.

    2. Happy Birthday. Hope this new year brings more joy, happiness, love, success and diary writing.
      Like you said, you may not be where you want to, but you are not where you used to be. It shows that you have great expectations and goals for yourself. Even the richest, most successful, happiest people on earth want a little bit more. There is nothing wrong with having goals or a little healthy competition.

      Enjoy your day

    3. Happy Birthday dear.
      I wish you best of luck in everything you set your mind to achieve and keep up the good work.
      Have a wonderful Birthday🎉🎉

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