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What I’ve been Up To Lately: #LFDW17

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Hey guys, it’s been a while I posted here. I’ve been crazily busy this past few days now.

I’ve been busy assisting a friend’s fashion Online magazine, A Nasty Boy at the #lfdw17. I will make a post of the Lagos Fashion Design Week in a separate post.

Currently, I’m really trying hard to piece myself together and also rest from the stress from the week long event. The stress of getting up early to meet up with the day’s activities, meeting with clients, getting back home late at night all the way from the island. Thank God for Uber and most especially Taxify, for coming through when my uber app decided to go on unannounced vacation with my battery at 4%.

It was a spectacular event to be honest. Of course I met a lot of fellow celebs *grins*. As a celeb that I am too na…

#Hlfdw17 #lfdw17

Some I talked to, exchanged contacts, some I stayed on my lane because I know their kind to be… I don’t have time for sume-sume biko.

#Hlfdw17 #lfdw17

I was so weak, I couldn’t make it to the official after party with Jidenna (Brand ambassador of the Heineken)

Jidenna #Hlfdw17 #lfdw17
I reduced the quality of this picture, because I’m feeling some type of way that he wants to steal the shine that I own this blog. Imagine

Don’t swear for me just yet na, you know I’m just recovering yea?. So health first. I really felt bad for not attending the party though. mtcheew…

Oh yea, we had a private party though, tagged the Nasty40 party at Nok by Alara, It was really fun. We had some top fashion heads, brands and magazines as guests at the party. Guests like, British Vogue’s, GQ’s editors, celebrity fashionistas both within and from outside Africa. Ric Hassani, Denola Grey, 90’s Baby, Orange Culture, Jon Ogah, Denrele Edun and many more.

P.S: see ehn, I planned to make this post a very short note but we are here now.

I met old time and some Instagram friends at the party, I won’t mention their names though… amebo (not like you cared to know sef)… My phone’s battery wanted to leave me alone in this world by getting as low as 1%. But thank God, he made a new friend I made that night come through for me. He helped order Uber and thank God I made it home that morning by 1 am.

Let me catch a little sleep before I prepare the next post of pictures from the week long event.

P.s: I saw Lagos Girl On a Budget, one of my blogger friends on here, I think it was on Day 2.  She looked so ravishing, I tried to meet her, but I was with a client and before I could say Jack, she was gone. I really was in love with her outfit.

P.s P.s: I’m not any of the guys in the featured image. Just a random picture.

Its nap time fams!!!


      1. Mad fun eh? I bet.

        By the way, I know people that regardless of how tired they are, they would still go for the after party. Plus there’s a “celeb” there… There’ll be no stopping them ?

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