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Keep the Change Bae

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I went to bed after minutes of heavy laughter that involved,rolling on the floor, laughing out loud disturbing the peace of everyone in the parlour all because of twitter and Keep The Change Bruh. I know you’re still trying to know the exact reason for this. Here’s the full gist


This guy named Pablo Ayodeji from Ibadan called out a girl because he took her on a date and expected that she was supposed to agree to be in a relationship with him ASAP. Myopic thinking ba? He uploaded screenshots from their conversations, calling the lady all sorts of derogatory names expecting that Twitter Uncles and aunties were gonna be in full support of him.

Here are screenshots from the whole saga.

But Alas! The lady’s savagery graduated from Harvard  lmao. She sent him the money back plus an extra #1,200, telling him to “Keep the change bruh” ???Keep the change bruh

Are you wondering how she got his account number?

The funny thing was Twitter Nigeria esp lagosians had to take another twist of it.

He got bashing upon bashing all because of #3,800. Wema Bank have decided to get the better part of the trolling, by using it as an advertising strategy.

I just can’t deal… In fact head over to my twitter page and see for yourselves. @UrbanOversabi. Twitter Nigeria is a slaughter house any day, any time.


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