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Kemen; The New Scapegoat 

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If you were on twitter last night then you sure was aware of what happened, even the big blogs are posting everywhere, but for the few like me who don’t fancy #bbnaija and know nothing about it, let’s make a toast to that ?. However, an housemate named Kemen, got disqualified last night, based on Sexual Harassment against @tboss.

I still wonder, how he could be tempted by bumbum when a whooping #25m is at stake? ok, fine, I agree the bumbum is yellow lol. KONJI IS A BASTARD.

That’s on some misplaced priorities level. I mean who does that!!! And if at all, the show permits all kinds of stuff, that still doesn’t give you a go ahead to misbehave. That’s like alleged rape! trying to get under @tboss pants, without her consent!!!

I’m beginning to feel irritated sef. The Kemen sef ehn, with his lips like cushion. Mtcheew. At least Oge Okoye, will be happy wherever she is now, knowing Kemen has voluntarily decided to help steal the spotlight of insults she was getting from Nigerians.Kemen meme

Its really impressive that, he was evicted immediately and the general public really frowned at his misbehavior massively. At least we know Purple have been doing a great job, its high time we start taking actions against such harassments.

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  1. I was really impressed with the immediate reaction by the BBN house. Maybe Kemen felt it’s was bbnaija afterall, and anything is excusable. Oge Okoye would indeed be grateful to him, Nigerians have now added her name as a new synonym for ‘steal’ to the dictionary, e.g. He ‘Oge Okoye’ my pencil. Thumbs up for the post, you keep getting better.

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