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Lagos Island – Mainland Discrimination 

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I wonder what makes folks on the island feel like they have made it in life because they stay on the “Island”. The way they look at you as if, you are from the wastelands. when they ask you with their irritating accent “Uhm, where do you stay?”  and you mention somewhere on the Mainland like; Ogudu, Surulere, or even Ikorodu (yaff die if it’s this one). Oh the disgust!

I remember sometime ago around early May, when I got an online gig with A Nasty Boy mag, I recall during our conversation on phone, with the owner Richard Akuson, who now turns to be my padi now. Lol.  He asked where I stayed and I said Ogudu, dude was like? Where the hell? Is that in Lagos? Is that in Nigeria here, like this Nigeria? I couldn’t find the tears…

The Ogudu IcePrince stays, the one Bez resides, if not that Wizkid decided to be an cast himself out and chose not to be amongst us anymore, he was here before y’all lured him to that Lekki phase 1… *lurish people* vexing… All this going on, in my head though…The time I disgraced Myself on a Lagos BRT Bus

I just found myself describing without direction: after Maryland, if you continue going, towards Ojota, then you enter the blablabla… All I felt him doing was *nodding*… I finally gave up, and just said “don’t worry, it’s on the Mainland”… Dude, finally went ; oh there! Haven’t been there all my life…. Laaawwwddd!

What about the shows, A list restaurants like Blue Fish, Event Centers; Landmark, Civic Centre. Hotels; Eko hotels & suites, Oriental Hotel. Clubs; Quilox, Escape Nightlife in fact all of them on the gaddem Island!!!. And my favorite (never been spot) GetArena! I so love that place even though I only go there in spirit. It’s the only place I know here in Lagos that does Karts and I looovvvve KARTS! Big Time!. 

GetArena Lekki

So dear reader, I know this looks like begging but anyhow, you can bless me with tickets to go carting at GetArena. May the good Lord bless you. Amen. 

GetArena Karting Lekki

It pains me to the bone, whenever you meet one fresh chic and you guys start talking, then you ask where she stays and you are hearing “uhm, I stay in 1004″… Like wadafok! Why can’t I just meet Mainland girls in peace! Or wait o… If it be my destiny sha. Who knows *grins*

I’m suggesting we start a protest/campaign against the discrimination against the Mainlanders, by the Islanders. not like as if the island sef is “High”… Rolls eyes…. 

Lekki, Lagos Island
On the side tho, maybe it’s God using style to call me to the Island abi? Let’s protest first, till my moving to the island is sure… But for now… I’m the leader of the protest lol 😁 😁 😁.

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