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It’s been a while since I posted on here. Yeah yeah. I know I owe loads of apologies but hey. I wasn’t idle either, lately I’ve been going up and down trying to get stuff for school which is always tiring. Mehn, this stress is way out of this world.

Yesterday my best friend and I went to shop for wears for school. (He doesn’t attend my school, happened we were both going to school today). You know when you have some kind of clothes in mind and you couldn’t find them? You know the heart break right? Good. So we went to computer village – Ikeja and I met a very big shock! Why the he’ll should people be spreading news they aren’t even sure one bit about?!!! I found out Computer Village hasn’t been destroyed yet. Shops and stalls were still intact. At least the ones I saw Korokoro!. Hian!

Back to gist.

So, after parading computer village, we decided to go to Yaba! Unilag’s very own 😁. Actually that’s my second time going to Yaba market and Daammmmnnn! Do they have good stuff! Sorry great stuff! Β We found virtually everything we wanted. I even got a fancy sunglass 😎. Oh I’m beginning to sound like a fashion blogger πŸ˜‡.

lately I've been
Say hi to Mr.fancy… Just holla when you see anybody with these shade on… lol

All in all, it was really tiresome. I fell asleep immediately I got home by 7:30 pm. *I don’t know why gotta go through this stress self. Mtcheww 😒*


So, today is Sunday and I’m enroute school. Oh I miss school 😒… Somebody will go now, body and stress will be doing somebody to go back home… Mtcheww.

I decided to go to school via Ojota Park, unlike when I go through Ketu park.

I got so tired of entering rickety iron bus, that at every bump your neck will almost fall off or you bump your head on the iron above the window. So painful and annoying. Plus I think the Yoruba’s aren’t so good with the transportation business anyway, I’ll like their Igbo counterparts that mostly thrive in the business. P. S I’m not a tribalist. I’m just stating the obvious πŸ˜’ abeg.

So, I got to Ojota pretty late, say around 5:30 pm being that where my school is situated ain’t far (Ogun State). At least 1hr40mins drive or 2hrs tops, I’m there. Although Mum has always warned me about evening journeys, even though it’s how I’ve been going since my 100 level days. I think I’m giving too much info 😯. lol

So, I got to the park and my ears started scratching me at the price of Tfare, like is brain paining you people? How can you people be charging #1,500 for Ogun? Ogun here o! Imagine?

I carefully examined the bus till I was satisfied and the car I must say was good tho. Seemed new sort of. So I was rest assured, no head bumping, no neck falling and gbogbo e. Issokay.

I’m writing all this jagbajantis because…………. I don’t have my Earpiece with me. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’. Very very disappointing. Like, do you know the feeling of jamming gbedu when traveling? You’ll begin to understand the lyrics of those sad songs, your mind will be sensitive to every sound of the instrumental. Looorrrddd!!!

I picked up something to keep me busy tho. Guess what?… *biting my finger nails πŸ˜‘*

Don’t judge me though. If it were you πŸ˜’. Who knows? You could have, in fact be doing worse things right now 😏…

Now that I’ve bitten off every nail, this two women sitting in front of me ate trynna kill me with questions, because their daughter is going to write Jamb 😒. Oh! Those days. When we’ll be packing loads of requirement papers up and down with calculator that if you’re lucky it works…


Abeg my Pikin, is it Jamb you want to go and do?

Me: erm, no Ma.

Woman: ehen… Oya abeg help me check if all this her documents complete abeg?

Me: erm Ma, I don’t know of their requirements now Oh. the time wey I do my own don tey small. (in my mind: abi you dey wish me make I go do am again? 😐)


After giving her necessary info’s and all. I decided to find my phone. My dear escape route from disturbing convos 😎. I cannot come and be doing interview biko.

So yea, I’m almost in School.

Have a blessed day ahead! πŸ˜‡.

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  1. Lol Yaba though. Would be hard to find someone there that hasn’t been to the market πŸ˜„

    Lol you can’t blame the parents. Post UTME just concluded today in Unilag. You should see the ways parents are scattered around. You’ll think they’re the ones doing the exams…but maybe the students writing the p/utme are their first children 😏

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