Lazy weekend equals New To-do List

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Wheew! My oh My! God! The weekend finally ended. Thank you Lord! 
My weekend was a huge combination of lazy and stressful put together (what a weirdo combo)  😯. I know you’re wondering what sort of weekend that is hun? but what do you call a weekend filled with many chores and places to go, but yet only 7% of the chores got done and 1 out of the numerous places to go, saw the light of being attended?…   (yells) Exactly!!! Lazy and Stressful! and yea I know, you’d start giving me the “hmmm lazy pikin look” but please Body is not FIREWOOD. 

Yes, I haven’t blogged for about two days now, and it’s beginning to feel like a part of me is being neglected! Hence, my writing tonight. (call it guilty conscience, you ain’t wrong one bit). 

So, tonight I’m gonna be showing y’all my to do list that I came up with to run for this month March. *please don’t look at me in disgust* I know it’s kinda late but hey! Better late than never… 

Here they are; 

  • Going to bed early: Actually, this list is solely because, of my health recently, as I now look like an unwed Lion in a Nigerian zoo… Plus I don’t want what happened to Ninaperdido to happen to me… I hate breaking down, not to talk of the smell of drugs *eewww*. 
  • To stop being bothered about my daily stats: Recently I noticed that, I’ve started being anxious over my daily stats, it’s a habit I unknowingly cultivated o. Like; you know that feeling of you randomly picking up your phone, unlock it and literally not do anything and lock it back, that’s exactly the habit, only my own is to now check stats 27hrs a day. 😳 
  • A Post A Day: This right here, I’ve been keeping up with, except for this past weekend which I lagged a bit, but it’s permissible right? Thank you. I’ve been enjoying it so far, I just want it to still remain on the list, at least so I don’t allow the spirit of laziness back lol. So it’s #Postaday
  • And the last but vital!… :  To take at least 4 glasses of water per day and no negative vibes… See tushness Jesus Of Nazareth! 

Lemme do that again but in street way… 4 sachets of pure water per day! And No bad belle!!!. Lol. 

Till my next post ✌. 


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